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Graphic Works: Shapour Suren-Pahlav

Subject: Political



Islamic Republic Presidential Election Show 2013


Presidential Vote 2013a.png (422315 bytes) Presidential Vote 2013.png (320804 bytes) IRI Voting 2013a.png (240817 bytes) I'm no traitor so No vote.png (160045 bytes) Presidential Vote 2013 c.png (1217647 bytes) Reformists and Conservatives.png (830651 bytes) IRI Pressure Guague 2013.png (1507050 bytes) IRI Pressure Guague 2013a.png (1541185 bytes)
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Mullahs & Eurocentrics' Crusade Against Cyrus the Great


1389 Further destruction of Iranian Heritage.PNG (1795233 bytes) Backstabbing Islamic Regime.PNG (750512 bytes) Der Spiegel Cyrurs Cylinder.PNG (974459 bytes) Der Spiegel Cyrurs Cylinder Cartoon.PNG (150020 bytes)


1979 Revolution


22 Bahman.PNG (614301 bytes) 22 Bahman4.PNG (731499 bytes) 22 Bahman7a.PNG (563741 bytes) 1979 Revolution of traitors and fools.PNG (2154371 bytes) 22 Bahman1.PNG (521087 bytes) 22 Bahman5.PNG (464400 bytes) 22 Bahman2.PNG (949506 bytes)
22 Bahman6a.PNG (3438320 bytes) 22 Bahman6c.PNG (2085023 bytes) Iran bleeding5c.png (1947013 bytes) Iran bleeding5small.png (641732 bytes) Islamic Repubic Leaders.PNG (2450018 bytes) Islamic Repubic Leaders1.PNG (1830194 bytes) 22 Bahman5a.PNG (2553403 bytes)


Uprising: Unity for a free Iran


United for Freeing Iran1.PNG (844238 bytes) Free Iran.PNG (649003 bytes) Badge Box2.PNG (794605 bytes) Iran Uprising.PNG (369361 bytes) Lion n sun destroy IR1.PNG (1213926 bytes) Lion n sun destroy IR1A.PNG (1320763 bytes) Pish be suy-e azadi.PNG (1057876 bytes)
Chaharshanbeh suri.PNG (4238408 bytes) Chaharshanbeh suri1.PNG (1507171 bytes) Stop Excecution of Iranians.PNG (1580556 bytes) Iran Uprising2.PNG (435758 bytes) Cho Iran nabashad.PNG (189457 bytes) Cho Iran nabashad1.PNG (181897 bytes) Ones_Personal_belief_is_like_his_toothbrush.png (3620670 bytes)
Lion n sun destroy IR 4.PNG (660002 bytes)


Danger of the Balkanization of Iran


Balkalization of Iran L.PNG (5828403 bytes) Balkalization of Iran M.png (2038535 bytes) Balkalization of Iran S.png (630210 bytes) Congress_of_Nationalities_of_a_Federal_Iran_2013.PNG (759717 bytes) Congress_of_Nationalities_of_a_Federal_Iran_2013_Persian.PNG (847945 bytes)
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The New Iran Air


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The Islamic Republic of Prosperity

IR Prosperity.PNG (1635460 bytes) IR Prosperity1.PNG (5049944 bytes) IR prosperity2.PNG (1616939 bytes)
Ebrat Begir1.PNG (2367990 bytes) Ebrat Begir2.PNG (2434177 bytes) Ebrat Begir3.PNG (2508075 bytes) Ebrat Begir4.PNG (2792913 bytes) Ebrat Begir5.PNG (3264473 bytes) Ebrat Begir6.PNG (1810356 bytes) Ebrat Begir7.PNG (3180137 bytes) Ebrat Begir9.PNG (1682250 bytes)
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The Islamic Republic of Zionism & Nuclear Issue

Natanyau-Nejad.PNG (2704112 bytes) Only If Cyrus the Great had a Crystal Ball.PNG (2391907 bytes)

Wikileak Mosad and and Balkanization of Iran.PNG (393334 bytes)

Wikileak Mosad and and Balkanization of Iran en.PNG (376170 bytes)

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Possible Attack on Iran!


Tony Blain 45 Minutes WMD Lair MP3.PNG (4587096 bytes) Flat Earth and Western Democracy.PNG (1234201 bytes) Rabbi Hitler.PNG (1021080 bytes) Rabbi_Hitler_3.PNG (7658978 bytes)


IR's Attack on Iranian Identity & Culture


AzMastKeMarbast.PNG (1005481 bytes) Two Face Traitor1.PNG (212095 bytes) Two Face Traitor2.PNG (212869 bytes) No Gaza No lebonan no Syria.PNG (184470 bytes) mir hossein mousavi.jpg (127556 bytes) Mullahs as leaders 1.jpg (265088 bytes)


Wikipedia, an institution responsible for Creating Division among

the Middle-Eastern Countries!


Boycott Wikipedia.PNG (394794 bytes)

Boycott Wikipedia1.PNG (365214 bytes)

Iran means the Land of Iranians.PNG (257006 bytes)

Wikipedia Cyrus Cylinder.PNG (285177 bytes)

Wikepedia_Divides_West_and_Zionists_Conquer.PNG (385650 bytes)


Ayatollah BBC, VOA & Fars News Agency


BBC 70th birthday.PNG (297028 bytes) BBC 70th birthdayPer.PNG (286521 bytes) Fars Newsagency lies.PNG (697016 bytes) BBC Persian divide and conquer.PNG (280344 bytes)
redrawing map of Iran by BBC, VOA and Wikipedia.PNG (555655 bytes)